Monday, May 5, 2008

OK, OK I'm back...and just in time.

We got home yesterday just in time to partake in the festivities.  

You've all seen me--blond hair (what??) and blue eyes, my sister pretty much the same--oh yeah her hair is really dark now (perhaps she is trying to distance herself from our roots. Get it? Roots? Maybe I was in the sun too long) and I guess her eyes are really green. Anyway we hail from the northern regions of Europe--think Scandinavian mixed with some English, German and maybe a little Irish thrown in (I knew it was in my blood).

Why then you ask am I so connected to the traditions of Mexico?  Perhaps it is related to the family vacations to the warm destination each year for spring break...maybe it's because my dad could pass for a mexican papa any day of the week (unless he opens his mouth to talk)...maybe it's the funky music or the warm beaches.

Whatever it is, it caught both my sister and me.  She got married on the beaches of Ixtapa-AND the town hall of Zihuatanejo where the Big Guy read the vows and had us all sobbing. We spent the rest of the trip playing cards by the pool and the the Big Guy (think white MN skin and no sun screen) getting the nickname Lobster Boy. Who ever lost had to drink tequila--it tasted so bad that we could barely stick our tongues in--and that's pretty bad when you are young and will drink anything!

Then when the Big Guy and I decided to make it legal, he insisted we hire a mariachi band to play during the wedding.  It didn't go with my "theme", but I thought he might leave me standing at the alter if I had said no.  Turns out their instruments were perfect for the wedding march (and they were troopers for learning it) and I am sure there are still people rolling their eyes at us.

That brings us to the last few years.  Who knew that "No Pants Day" was the first Friday in May?  It's real, look it up--I dare ya!  Well in 2006 May 5th just happened to be the first Friday in May.  I don't have to tell you that called for a party and who better to figure that out an host? None other than my BFF (I dare you to look her up too--on google that is).  Well my family is always up for something new so we arrived at the BFF's in our underware and cowboy hats!

Cinco De Mayo has never been the same. Here's to May 5, 2012--party at BFF's (I'll have to check with them, but they are always up for a good time)--hope to see you there!

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Brooke a.k.a. 34B cup said...

I wanna come too! BTW-what happens to you since you don't wear any...???