Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tooting My Own Horn.

Don't you just love the "corner", "neighborhood", "mom-n-pop" shops? I have been looking for a saxophone for the bean Wild One and let me tell you for a woman who knows "not so much" about music...this has not been fun. I searched craigslist, local sites, talked to friends and neighbors and even thought of checking the local junk yard. I researched and found the size and brand I wanted and determined a price I would not go over...keeping in mind that we are talking about a 10 year old with no previous music experience who thought he might play the flute cuz someone told him it was an easy instrument to learn...which quickly caused an earsplitting fight with the tallest Wild One who just happens to play the flute...quite well and easily I might add. I scratched off craigslist and online ordering and made a list of music stores that sell used equipment and happen to have the exact sax I...I mean the Wild One...wanted. All four locations happen to be waaayyyy across town so I checked the maps and made a game plan. As I drove up to the first stop...35 minutes later...I knew I was going to find something. The shopping area was nestled in a quaint little neighborhood of old brick buildings, sidewalks covered in chalk and no Starbucks or Caribous with in miles (you might think that is a bad thing...and on some days I would agree...but I would so rather walk into a corner coffee shop where everybody knows my name...well they wouldn't there cuz I live so far away and have never been there before and the local Caribou baristas do know me...or perhaps I should say my car but that's beside the point). I went in and found a young man (ha...he was probably 30) who promptly introduced himself and told me that he and his father own the store and have been dealing with instruments for over 35 years. They prep everything...as in tune and repair...before they are willing to sell it and offer great guarantees and inexpensive yearly tunes. I fell in love with the store and found an instrument slightly out of my price range. I asked what other options they had and after looking at a few things, the young man offered me a deal on the first sax I picked out...of course with the strap, oil, reeds etc I quickly ate up my savings. But really, where else would you get this type of service and deal? I hope they are the real deal...otherwise I am a huge sucker and they are laughing all the way to the bank!

Monday, June 8, 2009

I Always Wanted a Nickname.

Sure I have a couple of nicknames...a couple of 40 year old men call me Kitten, the Wild Ones call me Bunsie and some times Mombo, I kind of remember my dad calling me KiKi before I was old enough to ignore him and a few close friends call me Kimi...but no universal nick name that everyone knows as me. So last week a couple of things happened to me...OK actually I caused them to happen...and I found a new nick name for myself. First, I dropped off the wee Wild One at baseball...across town...even though I didn't see any other orange shirts (but I did leave him with the tall Wild One...and her cell phone, TG!) and then raced up to the high school trying not to be late (again) for lacrosse. I was feeling a little weird about not seeing any team mates at the baseball park and as I went around the corner of the lacrosse field I realized why...13 little baseball players all dressed in orange warming up for their game. Thankfully the Big Guy had freed himself from his traffic jam and was able to pick up the two abandoned Wild Ones and get them to the proper...and safe...field. Second, I allowed the tall Wild One to stay after school the other day to study for a math final...which was weird cuz she usually would have volunteered after school that day in the wee Wild One's classroom...but he was home sick and she needed some extra, quiet study time. So I went to get her, cranked the music and raced home...smile on my face as I realized I was just ahead of the bus. I rolled to a complete stop in front of the garage and as I was reaching to turn the car off...my cell phone rang...with the dreaded school phone number. Yep, the school secretary wondering if I was on my way to pick up the middle Wild One. I was so excited that I beat the bus that I didn't even stop to think that he wasn't even on it! AND...I had just left the school 10 minutes earlier with his sister. So the next time you see me, feel free to call me Moty...you know, Mother of the Year!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Go Green? Almost.

I recycle, I refuse unnecessary bags at stores...and use my own when I don't forget them in the trunk of the car...I turn the water off when brushing, I even double up on shower time with the Big Guy. I pay my bills by wire (although some still send the paper bills and then print "do not pay...scheduled for automatic deduction" which goes right into recycling...don't they get the point of paperless?) and am trying to create a compost center at my house. But for the life of me I cannot get rid of my 12 paper calendars...which are in every room and even in the car...I know the trees frown upon me, but I wouldn't make it through the first hour of the day without them. I am also in need of a reference manual and upon checking on-line (after seeing the long reserve line at the library) apparently I have the option of the paperback or on-line edition. People, I know the right choice and I want to follow that path...but I feel hives rising on my neck at the thought. I know that it would be easier to open the laptop and browse page by treeless page, but there is something about being able to feel the smooth pulp between my fingers and add my own lead scratch marks that takes my fingers hostage and hovers them over the paperback option. I will do my best...perhaps I should haul my computer outside, sit in the shade and take inspiration from the fact that I still have that option for staying cool...which reminds me of my favorite summer activity...reading my paperbacks on the hammock leisurely stretched between two tall birch trees. See what I'm dealing with here!?!?

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Tribute to Brett Favre.

I mean the Favre we talk about and still love (to hate...for some of the die hard Vike's fans) that rivaled our home team, but caught the attention of the wee Wild One. Yep he had the fever...Green Bay hats, blankets, winter coat, mittens, scarf, Favre jerseys, t-shirts...and took a lot of grief for it. I thought I would show my support of him and let nature turn our yard into a shrine for Favre lovers all around us (OK for the two other fans I know of). Come on you have to admit they are kind of cute...I get bouquets from the Wild Ones all the time (some as tall as 14 inches and some crazy fused ones that have five heads) and I hear they make a delicious side dish. I'm guessing the new neighbor across the street is not a Green Bay lover...the chemical trucks have been there twice a week trying to rid his yard of any Favredom. He even burned a patch of lawn...perhaps he is a Viking's fan and is preparing to plant purple and white flowers instead. That would be great cuz when my seeds float over there and sprout their pretty gold flowers next year it will be the perfect touch that his Viking's bed was missing.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Everything Keeps Revolving...No Matter What We Do or Don't Do.

Just when I thought life's craziness was subsiding and the lazy days of summer were headed my way...I realized that they (the things that wreak havoc in my life) were just really good at playing "Hide-and-seek," but I wasn't seeking...I swear. I have lost count of clinic visits and trips to the hospital...and may be headed there again later today. This time it should just be minor, but never start the celebrations too early. Perhaps it is all a master plan by the Wild Ones to shorten the amount of time that they have to spend in school...although I'm pretty sure they would pick school to the pain and the tests they have had to undergo. Cross your fingers and say a prayer, but I think we are going to dive into summer vacation (and many new posts) next week with three happy healthy Wild Ones...and one really tired mom.