Friday, February 29, 2008

The horrible discharge

Sounds like the title to a book you might find in the office of your gyno.  But no, just a funny little story.  I was editing a paper my five footer (must not reveal names of the innocent) had written for social studies on a Revolutionary War hero  (remember that hero part).  It was a woman who had dressed as a man so she would be allowed to  fight in the army (wouldn't catch me doing that--bahhk, bahhk).  In the end when they found out that she was really a woman they gave her a "horrible discharge".  I thought it odd and questioned the 5'er who said "yeah they must have been really mad at her".  I'm still thinking "hero?"  Meanwhile I check her web resources for her citations page and start reading the story of this girl--turns out everyone was proud of her and her actions (she was a great soldier) but because she was a she they had to kick her out.  Washington had actually given her an "honorable discharge".  Perhaps we should consider a private education?!

OK so the yoga thing didn't work out--turns out the class was on Wednesday.  That gives me 6 more days to limber up.

Need a reason to celebrate tonight?? Happy Bissextile Day--have a little fun with that one...

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Super cool invisible blog

I think I stumbled onto something super cool--an invisible blog.  I just type away all my inner most feelings--publish them to the web and nobody gets to read them.  Huh??  How cool is that?  
Well for all out you technosavy people that break through the secret wall I will let you down easy. Morgan and Henry did not win any golden statues yesterday, but both had a great time and everyone (that didn't really count) loved their nominations.  There were a coupla suspect winners (too extreme to actually have been done by a child) and one that was cool about how the student could paint an oil painting just like the author--hmm strange I thought the kids were being judged on how well they could relate their feelings and ideas about the author not about their own talent of painting.  Well it's a good thing I was not a judge--may be a bit too critical for the 8-11 year old audience.
Trying something new today--yoga.  In a real life class setting--not really my thing as I am not very coordinated (yeah keep laughing--I know secrets about you too) and I just don't like to wrap myself up like that in front of a bunch of people I don't know.  So why am I going???  Hmm...maybe I'm not!!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I thought my life was a trip...I think it's more of a stumble

One day (long, long ago) I was eating cupcakes with my sister in her kindergarten class, not knowing or caring who I was and the next thing I know...I am a mother, friend, wife, daughter, chef, gardener, niece, chauffeur, housekeeper, vet tech, granddaughter, "in-law", accountant, teacher, sister, nurse, cousin...  

This is a tribute to all who have made me who I am--without you I'd be sitting by myself (ahh the quiet) eating my cupcakes (no sharing)!!  As great as that sounds for a moment (ok--a couple of hours) I'd much rather be with one of you.

No time for inauguration of this blog or breaking champagne bottles (well...maybe a little vodka later).  I am off to the Academy Awards (of Orono...white linoleum instead of red carpets...plastic bleachers instead of plush seats).  Ohh, but the best part-- the "stars"--my little offspring dressed in their best (best t-shirt and sweatshirt qualifies for Henry) placing their nominations for Best Actress--Lyra Belacqua from the Golden Compass and Best Cinematographer Lauren Child of the Charlie and Lola series.  They are both proud of their creations and for that I am proud of them.  I won't mention the hours of pain they endured listening to me nag at them to "get them done"--but as they know that is part of the definition of "mom" (more on that later).

Stay tuned as I track the "wild ones" and pass along the funny (maybe humiliating) things that make up our days.