Friday, June 5, 2009

Go Green? Almost.

I recycle, I refuse unnecessary bags at stores...and use my own when I don't forget them in the trunk of the car...I turn the water off when brushing, I even double up on shower time with the Big Guy. I pay my bills by wire (although some still send the paper bills and then print "do not pay...scheduled for automatic deduction" which goes right into recycling...don't they get the point of paperless?) and am trying to create a compost center at my house. But for the life of me I cannot get rid of my 12 paper calendars...which are in every room and even in the car...I know the trees frown upon me, but I wouldn't make it through the first hour of the day without them. I am also in need of a reference manual and upon checking on-line (after seeing the long reserve line at the library) apparently I have the option of the paperback or on-line edition. People, I know the right choice and I want to follow that path...but I feel hives rising on my neck at the thought. I know that it would be easier to open the laptop and browse page by treeless page, but there is something about being able to feel the smooth pulp between my fingers and add my own lead scratch marks that takes my fingers hostage and hovers them over the paperback option. I will do my best...perhaps I should haul my computer outside, sit in the shade and take inspiration from the fact that I still have that option for staying cool...which reminds me of my favorite summer activity...reading my paperbacks on the hammock leisurely stretched between two tall birch trees. See what I'm dealing with here!?!?

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