Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Getting old.

What does it mean to get old? Do you measure it physically, mentally or in numbers? Why is it so different for everyone?

To a six year old getting older means graduating from Kindergarten and going to first grade. An 11 year old feels old when they graduate from 5th grade and move on to middle school--of course that makes the parents feel old too!  (What is with this whole graduating from different grades--when I was young we just said goodbye to our teacher on the last day of school, played all summer and then started up again in the fall.)

When you are young, getting older is a status. Kids look up to older kids (which is usually where they pick up all their bad habits and naughty words). Throw in some cigarettes, liquor and sex--what's not to admire (said with a sarcastic tone)?

I suppose turning 16, 18 and 21 is something to look forward to. Driving, being an adult and drinking...legally! At some point in your early twenties you stop looking forward to your birthday--well the actual day YES with the parties and all--but not the number attached to it. Most people dread "the big ones" and the "mid-life crisis".  People make jokes and pretend as if they can hear death knocking at your door. 

We should all look forward to getting older--everything gets better--and your memory will take care of dealing with the stuff that doesn't. In your thirties you realize how smart you are and do things because you want to do them, not because your "friends" do. Your forties bring a sense of peace that you are settled and established (or tied down by all the kids' activities). Your fifties bring on another freedom with the kids getting older and more independent (and senior discounts on all sorts of things). In your sixties you look forward to getting older because you may soon retire and reap the benefits of the last 40 years (or just a day off without playing hookie and then not doing anything cuz you're afraid someone might see you and then you'd be busted and perhaps forced to "retire" early) . Once you reach your seventies and beyond you can sit back relax and act like a kid again. You can boss people around, demand what ever you want (like both lanes on a two way highway or to be first in line for ice cream) and know ones says anything (out loud).It is finally your turn to be taken care of again.

If you are young-don't wish your life away. If you are getting older (you know who you are)-sit back and enjoy the ride. If you hear a strange "knock" at the door just call out "nobody's home".


Brooke a.k.a. 34B cup said...

Cheers to that! I just love that no matter what you will always be 10 ahead of me!

iheartsoccer said...

hey hows it goin luv ya!