Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I don't care who you are...it's the 21st century out there!

I know religion, sex and politics are supposed to be off limits, but when have I ever been one to follow rules when voicing my opinion?! And this topic covers all three--so there you go. I am a bit behind the times as I don't bill a lot of hours on the old boob tube, but I couldn't let this one slide. I heard today that Ellen has announced her engagement. 

I will keep this short and sweet (just like me...well short anyway). Two questions: who the hells business is it who marries whom--except maybe the parents of a sixteen year old girl; and why the heck do you care? Yeah I get the whole "bible says this" thing, but can you honestly believe that homosexual people choose that life style (does the boy drug and killed behind the pickup in Texas bring back any memories)? OK, I will give you the few that try it for the "thrill", but I have known enough gay people to know it's not the easier path in life. If it doesn't affect you (and I dare you to tell me it does) then why raise a fuss? Let people be and treat them as you ask to be treated. Where would the world be without girlfriends anyway (stay tuned for more on that tomorrow)?

This is sounding a little angry and pointed, I didn't mean that. I tend to get a little carried away when I am passionate about something (ya think?). Let's just celebrate the love in our lives, the love in the world and try to spread it around. Be happy for yourself and be happy for others (that means don't pass judgement--well at least about things we cannot control--I am all for "discussing" peoples taste in clothes, haircuts and attitudes and welcome your view on mine. Bring it on...I can take it--I think)!

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Brooke a.k.a. 34B cup said...

I second the nomination. Let the gays be and do as they wish for cryin out loud.