Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Why is this sooo funny?

Men are born with a fascination of that "thing" hanging between their legs. It's true...all little boys grab and poke and explore (wait I mean all boys--little, big, young, discrimination when it comes to the part of their body that women will never have).

Guys we don't want one (on our body), we don't need to see you scratch, readjust or hear you make constant jokes about it. 

Why does that one little (I mean that in relation to the rest of your body...really) thing cause so many smirks and so much laughter?
And on the other hand, when referring or thinking about someone else's "little thing" does it cause so much panic?

OK I admit I also smirk and laugh (hopefully at appropriate times), but there will never be the same fascination--perhaps that's what they really mean when they say "penis envy".

Try not to giggle...boner, willy (hee,hee), pecker, joy stick (ha, I finally get that one), dong, dork (?), johnson, organ, member, package, shlong, tool, skin flute (guarantee these were made up by men or should I say boys?!), peter (what's with all the proper names?), dick (see?!), harry bagpipes, love muscle (I think they made that up for women--nice try), firm worm, one-eyed snake (gotta like that one), salty dog (eww), wanker and my favorite...wife's best friend.


Brooke a.k.a. 34B cup said...

I know! Total Schaudenfreude. I love that segment of America's Funniest Home Videos.

Anonymous said...

Like your blog a lot. but as a gay man I have disagree with you. Well maybe half disagree. We also have our issues with men. Oh well that's life. I shall return.

John G. said...

I want to say hi to Sassy cat, love your helmet, do you have a sheld also. You would be great over on tweeter, think aqqbout joining us.