Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Tick Tock

Do you ever feel a little tickle or have a "feeling" something is on you? Have you ever seen a speck of leaf or dirt somewhere on you...and then it starts moving? Well welcome to the cabin scene. We were not even at the cabin for 30 minutes before one of the Wild Ones had a tick crawling up his leg. I was so ready to run to his rescue (NOT!) when he calmly picked it off and showed it to me. Just as I was going to take it (NOT!) it started crawling and in a moment of "freak out" he flicked it at me. We both screamed and I wanted to run, but I knew it could very well be crawling up my shirt and running would have only made it hang on tighter...or clamp on with its tiny little blood sucking jaw. It's OK-don't stress-I found it, knocked it to the ground (with a stick) and made sure that it wouldn't be looking for another snack. 
Day two, many other ticks were removed from dogs and other family members (I would have helped, but no one asked--really. OK my dad did ask when I saw a HUGE tick crawling up his back and I did try--with a stick-until he got pissed and pulled it off himself. I really would have done it had I thought it was life threatening-he probably wouldn't have even felt the blood being sucked from behind his ear). Later when the littlest Wild One had a tick embedded in his scalp I helped hold him down while my dad pulled it out with a tweezer--see I knew I could do it.
Day three, many more ticks, but mostly on the dogs. After seeing and hearing about so many ticks you kind of become immune to the threat (or fear) of one crawling on your skin. So...I was minding my own business, standing in the kitchen rubbing my butt (I honestly don't know what I was checking for-I hope I don't do that in public unconsciously) when I felt a tiny bump under my running pants (think speck of dirt) and continued what I was doing. Rubbing my butt?? Then a nagging little thought crept to the front of my mind telling me to get the dirt off my butt. Without looking (or asking someone else to look) I reached in my pants, grabbed the speck and pulled it around front for an inspection. You got it-a nasty little thing with a bit of skin hanging out of its mouth! Just as I was about to crush it (OK drop it) the little bugger jumped. I looked, I swear I did, but that little bugger was gone. Sorry mom. I gotta go I think I feel a tick...le.

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Brooke a.k.a. 34B cup said...

OMG! I HATE THEM MORE THAN ANYTHING! My dad always warned/taunted that they like it in warm spots-think crackage! Try looking in there! Now thats unchartered territory for a good reason!