Monday, May 19, 2008

Another little gem and I don't mean a stone.

Welcome to Cuba, I mean South Minneapolis. I drove by this cute little "hut" one day and knew I had to return for lunch on the patio--and I never break a promise to myself.

Take one bright sunny day, a coupla free hours and one hot date and swing into Victor's 1959 Cuban Cafe on 38th and Grand for a great lunch (or breakfast if you prefer, they serve both 'til 2:30). Or imagine a warm summer night--with same hot date--cold cuban beer in hand watching all the neighborhood kids riding by on their bikes. Either way this place will make you happy. 

Don't expect burgers and fries. They serve cuban sandwiches (yeah the real things--or at least what I expect the real things to be!) and imported sodas and beers, plus fresh juices of the mango and guava variety. (OK I just had to ask about the "imported" bottles they serve. The "story" is that these things are imported from Miami and are "made in a plant in Florida." Hmm...not sure I want to know the real story anyway.) Grilled sandwiches are served with plantain chips or tostones--large slices of fried plantains--mouth watering!

Bonus is the cute little neighborhood (with free parking) and gift shops on the other corners if you want to do some shopping. Who knew? If you want to try it, but lack the hot date, call me I'll hook you up (or join you).


Brooke a.k.a. 34B cup said...

I wanna go---NOW!!!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm nice spot for date night with your hot date.....perhaps wed night? Bring the wild ones!