Friday, May 16, 2008

What's the real deal with the "skinny chicks"?

It's spring, it's Friday, the sun is shining, everything is great. Until I stopped for lunch with the middle Wild One (and he just happens to be a skinny chick only here chick refers to "young one"). I order a plain grilled chicken breast--tastes good, just not too exciting but hey I'm OK with that. Then I look over at this woman eating a huge plateful of noodles with pesto (which, by the way, is exactly what I would have liked to order...but kept telling myself "bikini, boat, beach, bikini, boat, beach) and she wasn't just picking at it--she was devouring it--I looked later and yes she got her certificate (you know, the clean plate club). You think perhaps she was a "bigger" girl--nope skinniest damn chick in the place. No "bikini, boat, beach" going on in her little head. And let me just tell you she did not have the build of an athlete-no bicep muscles, no toned legs...just a whole lot of tight skin stretched over not much of anything and she had to be over 40(OMG!).  

Well I just don't get it...and I obviously didn't get "it" (what ever "it" is that people like that have) at birth--one more thing to blame my parents for!! Yeah, I know jealousy is never very pretty, but neither was she (that was low, but it was funny...for about a second). I have an abundance of what she is lacking (I think they call it plumpness) and I like it that way (sure, that explains the chicken breast). I've heard that guys like a girl with a little something to "hang on to" (yikes!) and I'm gonna go with that cuz it works really well for my body type. Here's to bikinis, boats and beaches and those of us that need a little extra fabric wrapped around us and a little extra space to "spread out".


Brooke a.k.a. 34B cup said...

I like to think she had to make a pit stop in the johnnie for a little bulimic purge. Gross I know, but makes me feel better, since at least we won't have rotten teeth.

Anonymous said...

All most all guys like the curves on women. Holding on and the cushion during the crazy monkey activity is definitely where its at! That goes both ways I'm sure.