Monday, May 12, 2008

"The Knitting Circle"

Do you ever wonder why certain things happen? 

Just the other day (hey those are the first words in a Garth Brooks song about unanswered prayers--good listen) I was jogging on a path I have never been on, a song came on my ipod that reminds me of my father-in-law (one about what may happen in heaven that I heard in my car as I drove to the hospital early the morning of the day that Jim died--another moment to ponder) and at that moment I said Hi to Jim and looked up to the sky...directly in my line of vision and very close was a huge plane--with a red tail (the airline that Jim ran for 30 years). Gave me shivers...and more to think about.
OK that is the kind of thing I am talking about that gets me thinking--you know about the whole spirituality thing and what is REALLY "out there". Well last week the oldest "Wild One" needed a new book from the library (some really awful series that she is reading) and I promised to stop and pick up the next one for her. She made me a list of the next two books in the series and which (two different) libraries they were at complete with hours and call letters. I had planned on swinging by both libraries after a meeting and getting both books (cuz she goes through them so fast--well really because I couldn't remember which one she said she needed first) but I had a little extra time so I went before the meeting even though it was way out of my way (important--first step in the how I got to the "moment" of wonder).
Next step--I actually had to talk to a librarian (rare in these automated times) because I had removed my library card from my wallet for our vacation. She assured me I could use my license to borrow the book so off I went to find it. I brought the book back to her (I didn't want any hassles from another librarian about my card--hey, it happened before and I had to get tough with her!) As she is looking me up--I so could have been long gone...if only I'd had my card--I see some books that she is checking in and one catches my attention: "The Knitting Circle". I don't know what it is about (OK maybe knitting?), but I just feel the need to read this book--and she is happy to give it to me, one less trip to the stacks for her!
I started reading the book and was mesmerized from the first page--it is about a woman whose 5 year old daughter has died and how she feels and deals with the loss. The observations she writes about could only come from someone who has lost a child. She joins a knitting circle and the book goes on to reveal each of the members "stories" as well as follows this woman's journey. 
I now understand why I was meant to read this book, but still marvel at how I "stumbled" upon it. It is an easy read although a bit emotional. I encourage everyone to read it--it may enlighten you to many things. Please visit for more information about the book. And if you get an email from me announcing  a knitting club (Bitch and Stitch anyone) you better be there needles, yarn and empty (cocktail) glass in hand.

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Brooke a.k.a. 34B cup said...

I'll knit with you anytime babe! I still think all those chance happenings can't be coinsidence. Its something much more than that...