Thursday, May 22, 2008


What would life be like with out your girlfriends? Ya know, I can't even go there--too crazy. My "girls"--and I have to include my favorite neighbor in that quote even those he masquerades as a man (and believe me he is all man) have held me up and gotten me where I am today. This includes BFFs, girlfriends, "the neighbor" and family (most of whom I consider friends--hee, hee). You know a true friend when you can let loose and not worry about it the next day--unless you have a friend who blogs--then watch out!! 
You can take a walk with out talking (or a run and just swear at each other in your heads and blame the crazy marathon training on the other one), meet for a glass of wine (vodka for me please, but a good friend knows that about me too) which usually turn into a "couple" of bottles, spend a weekend together and not laugh at each others hair first thing in the morning (but warn each other about similar hair later before you leave the house), hold the others hand in their darkest moment (or just cuz you want to), or bring the guys to christen a new house (see mk no one fell of the balcony)!! 
What ever you do life is better, easier, more fun with a girlfriend by your side. I read the following joke and thought of all of you. Cheers to all my "girls" I love you all.
A woman goes out with her girlfriends one night and the wine (beer, vodka) is going down well and they are having a great time (obviously) and didn't head for home until 2:30--feeling quite beautiful, smart and hot--aka drunk.
Just as "she" was walking in the door, the cuckoo clock clucked 3 times. Not wanting her husband to know how late she came home, she cuckooed 9 more times (still pretty "smart"). Feeling clever, she crawled in bed and fell asleep with a big smile on her face (ok, she passed out). In the morning when her husband asked her what time she got in she said (with socks on her teeth, raccoon eyes and bad 80's hair) "Midnight." She was feeling pretty smug until her husband told her they must need a new cuckoo clock. "Why is that," she asked? He told her that at 3 in the morning it cuckooed 3 times, said "oh crap," cuckooed 4 more times, cleared its throat, cuckooed 2 more times, giggled, cuckooed 3 times and then hiccuped.

Thanks for all the good times and thanks to the Big Guy who finds it "charming" when I come home full of shenanigans. 

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Brooke a.k.a. 34B cup said...

Amen sista! A world with out girlfriends/guyfriends is like a world without.. well i don't know... it would just suck.