Tuesday, May 27, 2008

"Workfest" 2008

Bring it on. There is nothing we can't do. A little tradition for the "Anderson Girls" and the two unfortunate saps that married them--a short to-do list at the parent's cabin. After all, the addition they put on is for the grandkids (or so that is what they say when we show up--probably the same story for each other "guest" they have). You can see the weekend started "Flamingo-Mango" style (at least they had their pants on...for the pictures) and ended AG (Andy Girl--follow along here) style with drinks on the roof--a celebration of a long, hot accomplishment. ***I forgot to warn mk to close her eyes...on the roof!! and drinking on the roof!! oh my!! The whole weekend was not devoted to hard labor-at least not for the Big Guy and the other Andy Girl who spent Monday on the couch...a little too much FunRoni Sunday night, but hey I have a date for Friday night at Fletchers and another date for Bike Fest 08--can't tell you the names of my dates just that my new biker friend is short enough to see me eye-to-eye. Today we are all a little sore and have a few more bruises (thanks to a couple of tangles with grabby trees in the woods--more on that later...if I remember), but the aches will heal (thanks to advil and neosporin)and we will be left with some great memories.  Stay tuned for tomorrows "tickling" stories.

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Brooke a.k.a. 34B cup said...

Ohhhh boy! Were there any "key" stories or exchanges? That's when it gets really interesting!