Friday, May 9, 2008

To all you Mothers...

What does Mother's Day mean? Is it a day for children to honor their mothers, for husbands to honor their wives (on behalf of or in support of thier children...or jsut because they love and respect and are grateful to the mothers of their children), for mothers to honor their daughters that are mothers? Is it for wives to honor their husbands mothers (for raising such wonderful young men..snicker here please) or should we all honor grandmothers, aunts, special friends?
Well I say "What the hell!" Let's honor all woman who, have given birth, all women who have taken in a child, all women who have taken in a man (it's kind of the same thing--right?), all women who care for and teach children, all women who have touched a child's life.  OH hell, let's even honor all women who have pets!
I have learned that women honor women best, and if I want a special day then I have to stand up and tell the world (really just the Big Guy and he doesn't usually get it) what I want. And since I am usually the only one listening I don't have to talk very loud. 
What do you want for Mother's Day? Diamonds, gifts, breakfast in bed? A day OFF from being a mother? Time alone with your family, bike rides, massages, ice cream? A day with no fighting and whining, a day with no cooking and cleaning, a day without walking Fido (full plastic bag tied to your belt)? 
Is Mother's Day about doing and getting what you want no that you are a mother or is it about what your mother, mother-in-law, grandmother, or special friend wants? Maybe we should all just pick a different day each year to honor our selves and go wild--oh yeah that's what birthdays are for...hmm. I say we all just get together and have one big party--the boys do all the prep, the cooking and the cleanup (and massages??). And all we mothers jsut sit back and relax--we have our own party to throw in June, and guys you better believe we're takin' notes from you.
To all the special women in my life my grandmothers, my mother (the picture is just a joke--I'm funny remember, my mother-in-law, my sister and sisters-in-law, my aunties and cousins, daughter and nieces, my BFF and all my other girl friends--here's to you:  (and I'm stealing the idea from someone else, but it works)
They say a friend will bail you out of jail, but a true friend will be sitting next to you saying "Damn, that was fun". This is when we will call one of the guys--and amid lots of laughter I know they will be there...just as soon as they can.
A very special Happy Mother's Day to the very most wonderful woman in my life--My mom (Darlene, Snook, Snookie Mom, Lini, Donie, "Mother!") I love you more than anything and am who I am because of you. I don't know if that is a complement or a blame, but for all my friends it may answer some questions (just give my mom a Jack and coke and you'll know where I came from)!


Anonymous said...

Happy Mother's day to the most loving and wonderful mom I have ever met! I am fortunate to have been able to call on you to help me through many "Mommy moments" and am very proud to call you my Best Friend Forever!!!! Enjoy your day.....Heidi

Brooke a.k.a. 34B cup said...

Great post! Hppy Mothers Day to you!