Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Butcher, The Baker...OK just The Butcher.

I had to run into the grocery store yesterday--just needed to grab "a few things", so no need for a cart (oh and by the way--I was not in my neck of the woods). I walked through the produce department and remembered that I had promised to get the Wild Ones some bananas--item one. And the blueberries were on sale two for $4 (and we eat two bins at a sitting)--items two and three. Next I needed some Wheat Thins (got home and realized why the-family size-box looked so funny, I bought Triscuits--crap!!)--item 4. Then I went in search of my favorite cheese, but on the way I realized we were out of butter--item 5, which reminded me that we were also out of mayo--item 6.  Still no cheese. Back to the other side of the store. I finally remembered the original reason for stopping here--vodka sauce (it's the only kind of red sauce the Wild Ones will eat--go figure) for our raviolis--item 7. Both hands are full and the balancing act is becoming a little tricky. I remember that the cheese I want is in the deli so again back across the store. Going through the meat phone starts to ring. Thinking it might be one of the Wild Ones calling from school (see my phone has just been reprogrammed and the guys over at Visi changed all my rings--they are probably still getting a good laugh over that one--but I can no longer "listen" for who is calling). I can't remember where my phone is. I set my vodka sauce down in the meat case (it was in my right hand) and reach for the phone in my back left pocket--don't ask. As I am realizing that I cannot quite get it out (I think I may have been doing a little jig-what with the music playing on the phone and all) I look up and see a tall, dark and yes handsome man (looked pretty yummy even in his little white hat) smiling at me. Deer in headlights--I panicked for .5 seconds--recovered into a controlled "OMG" --rolled my eyes at myself and smiled back at him. I wait a second for him to walk away or my phone to shut up...I mean shut off, but neither happened. He kept smiling at me and asked if I needed any help. I kind of looked over my left shoulder and smiled agian. He stepped closer...and took the phone out of my pocket ("OMG" again!) and handed it to me. Then he smiled and walked off. Somehow in my stupor I found the cheese--items 8 and 9 and a water by the check out (throat was a little dry!)--item 10. I looked for the express lane, unloaded my arms and when I realized how heavy my two small parcels were, I looked around to see if the butcher was waiting to carry my bags.

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Brooke a.k.a. 34B cup said...

Atta girl. You still got it goin on!