Thursday, April 24, 2008

24 years ago (and 5 days).

I don't know how old you all are, but 24 YEARS is a long time--no matter how you count 'em (especially when you're wearing cute flip flops--stay with me here...see yesterday's blog...28 years old).
Let me take you back to April 19, 1984. 

 I have no idea what I was wearing--although I was sporting a multi colored, shorter on one side hair do (think Rocco Altobelli hair model), but I do remember what the Big Guy was wearing.  White polo shirt (yes Ralphy, yes collar turned up), Levi's jean jacket, kelly green shorts (I know) and blue Docksiders (remember those)!  

And then...he was driving a huge yellow station wagon. He was actually driving it the night we met, but I was so in awe of...something, that I didn't notice the car (that something must have been really big--think personality, charm, those green eyes). Well, we hadn't seen each other in a couple of weeks (and back then we didn't have camera phones or the internet--OMG, I sound like Grandpa Anderson) and we didn't exactly remember what each other looked like (I didn't even know his last name).

So he rings the bell (I am so nervous I hide in the kitchen) and my sister being the "nice girl" that she is (aka Miss Busy Body) answered the door.  He thought she was me and she was so stunned by his beauty (ok really by his height and preppiness) that she stood there with her mouth hanging open--the only time I have ever seen her speechless.

After introducing the Big Guy to my parents and flying to the door to get out of there, I see from the corner of my eye my dad wrap his hand over my sisters mouth to quiet the laughter (she obviously regained her vocal abilities) and drag her to the kitchen.

I found out his last name when he introduced himself to my parents and quickly memorized his phone number when he wrote a check (remember those paper things) at the movie store. I don't know exactly what the attraction was on that night (I didn't stop shaking for several days), but when I got home after my date I sat on the kitchen counter in my mom's kitchen--yes it was my parent's house, but if you know my dad you know it was not his kitchen--and told my mom that was the man (yes I actually called him a man back then--hee hee) I was going to marry.
Psychic or love at first sight??


Brooke a.k.a. 34B cup said...

First site for sure! I love it! A great story for sure! COngrats on 24 years!

hot4teechr said...

You forgot to mention his VERY blond afro and the size of the blue Docksiders (like 16 or something!)
He still makes me laugh, fortunately it's not always because of his looks!
Love you guys!