Friday, April 18, 2008

Who needs a boyfriend...all I need is a wife!

I think men and women really want the same thing..)(@&(&^(_ OH sorry, I was choking on my own laughter. But kind of comes full circle if you think about it.  The beginning of the circle (well--the whole circle for men) is all about sex.  Men want it, women have it-yes we all have it, women are just more stingy in sharing it.

Men want it when ever, where ever and how ever (don't even try to deny it).  Women are more fickle.  They want it when they can peel off all their layers--you, house work, kids, husbands, life. That is where the men can join the rest of the circle.  What is hotter than a man who puts the kids to bed and then stands in front of the sink in a pair of faded jeans, sleeves pushed up, steam in his hair, suds dripping from his hands...I mean...a man doing dishes? Or how 'bout a man who turns up the music and bumps and grinds through the living room--vacuum in hand?

See this is where the circle part comes in.  Sex---man---chores (throw in a little sex appeal)-woman watching (relaxing, smiling)--sex (on the kitchen floor). Everyone is happy--if you do it right--hey guys I can only do so much! So women...when you are fantasizing about finding a boyfriend (none of mine do...I mean...did dishes) hand your hubby a sponge or a duster and sit back--be prepared to duck if they have not read this...and men...when you want to get lucky roll up your sleeves, dab a little palmalive behind your ears and prep the kitchen floor.

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Brooke a.k.a. 34B cup said...

Listen honey, I want the cars detailed and the toilets scrubbed too then we can talk.