Friday, April 11, 2008


I will assume you all know what BFF stands for (although I have used it in many different ways--once when referring to the Big Guy and it wasn't very nice)!  Today I use it to honor my very BFF otherwise known as Heid, Heid-o-rama and Auntie Heidi.  

Tomorrow we will be celebrating her birthday, and as her BFF I cannot tell you how old she is--we will just leave it at "she will always be older than me".  Age doesn't matter (unless I am younger than you and then I may never let you forget it--if I am older than you then it just doesn't really matter now does it?) when you are out having fun and I promise that to all of you that would like to join the festivities at one of our favorite bars "Psycho Suzi's".  

The idea was to have a bon fire to end the evening, but as Heid has always told me "spring doesn't really start until the day after" her birthday.  Dang she is smart--yeah...go check the weather report. Well, you know the kind of girls we are--we may still be out by the bonfire, knee deep in snow, but guaranteed to be having the time of our lives.

You may wonder why we are still best friends after all this time, but not all secrets can be revealed.  I will tell you that we have been through a lot together--births, deaths, injuries (including Heidi slipping on the ice and landing UNDER her car and me blowing out my knee when being thrown by a "horse"), and many nights of parties.  We have inaugurated "No Pants Night", "Hats and Halter Tops", "Oktoberfest", and what I will simply call "The Bouncy Slide". We laugh at each other's jokes and cry for each other's sorrows. 

There are many different types of friends and even two I would call BFF.  One is the one I married and the other is one who came into my life when I wasn't looking, but they are both people I want to grow old with and share all my secrets with.  I will leave you with a quote from the birthday girl herself:  "You will always be my best know too much!"


Brooke a.k.a. 34B cup said...

I love it-what a nice post. Great friends like that are the best! I especially like the embellishment of you "being thrown from a horse." Happy Birthday to Heidi!

Anonymous said...

I am blessed to have you as my BFF! Not a day goes by without me thinking about how much you mean to me. It's funny how, when we first met, I just knew you would be my friend forever. Yes, I will always be older than you and obviously not wiser. I will continue to injure myself and we will both laugh hysterically. Keep taking your calcium so we don't have to worry about breaking a hip as we age!

I am hoping this year will be the start of only good times and laughter for us. I am sorry we have experieced so much sorrow together but am thankful I have to lean on and confide in.

Tonight we will celebrate, laugh and have a good 'ol time. I wouldn't expect any less with you as my BFF. Pack your rubber boots tonight, we just might have to have a bonfire in the snow!

I love you, love you, love you!!

p.s. I'm looking forward to growing old with your other BFF too!