Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Are we all on the same page??

OK let's just verify--it is April 22nd, right? And that is technically spring--even in Minnesota, right? And the temperature today was in the 70's, right? And it was forecasted that way ahead of time, right (well close anyway)?

On my trek around the city today (I think I hit at least 8 cities...towns...whatever), I saw people under dressed, over dressed and me myself (somewhat of a weather hound)--I was perfectly dressed (funny how that works that way on my blog). I get people who wear shorts when it hits 55--hey we endure a lot over the winter and 55 feels dang good--their legs may be purple, but they are lovin' the sunshine. I even get the people who are still dressing like it's 55--you know pants, light jackets, something in a spring color.  

What I can't accept is the people out today dressed like it is 20 below (that's 20 degrees below zero for those of you who have never wondered north of 35 degrees latitude). One woman was lurking in the footwear department (trying on sandals no less) wearing a Norwegian sweater!  I wanted to tackle her and rip her sweater off...send it to someone in Antarctica that could benefit from a nice warm wrap. Another woman was wearing a ski jacket and gloves--now really...that was pushing it. 

The only explanation is that they are not true Minnesotans.  If they were, their ski stuff would have been washed and stored in the basement for next October (labeled and in plastic bins--am I right Lena?). If you see one of these crazy people out there don't take them down--don't rip their clothes off (you'll look as crazy as they do), just walk by in your jeans and flip flops and hold your face up to the sun. Don't you even think twice about what what people may be thinking of you

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