Monday, February 16, 2009

Where Does the Time Go?

Really...I have been sitting at my computer (which isn't even pink anymore) since 9 o'clock this morning-that's 12 hours my friends. Well, I have made waffles (from scratch with homemade whipped cream) for 6, lunch for 5 and dinner for 3...and did all the clean up since I don't usually make the friends do dishes, done several loads of laundry, driven a little car pooling (which involved a little chatting...the kind where the kids run off and start playing cuz they know it's going to be a while), written a few (by hand) thank you notes, medicated a few owies, fielded calls from my mother and the Big Guy's mother, got the mail (from the end of the looong icy driveway)  and played "Yes I adore you and miss you" texting games with the Big Guy...Oh, I guess that's where all the time went. 

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