Monday, February 9, 2009

All Things Red.

As you may have noticed, Red is not my color (I think it may be a good color for me to wear, but you'll probably never get the chance to see it for yourself...I just can't do it). Now pink on the other always somewhere near me: shirts, coats, phone, notebooks, name it (if I don't have's only a matter of time). So when Valentines week rolls around I try my best, but I just cannot pick up the red card, the red flowers and you will never see me at a Valentines party dressed in a red shirt (perhaps a white one with a very subtle pink heart tucked away somewhere) with red, plastic coated hoop earrings. So while it is only Monday and we have 5 days to go until V-day, I am all rojo, rouge, kokino, roseus, rot, rosso-ed out. I think I will bury myself in home work until Sunday when I can pretend that spring is right around the corner...and all the jeweled colors that come with it.

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