Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Double Digits.

Wild Ones up extrememly early? Check
First surprise given? Check
Movie and dinner plans made for after school? Check
Lego's wrapped? Check
Home made ice cream cake made (yesterday's last minute request)? Check
Nerfs ordered (fingers crossed FedEx man can make it up the icy driveway today)? Check
Friends party planned? Oh Crap

It is almost official...9 am to be exact...that the Boo, Boodle, Egg, Hen, Boo Boo Boy leaves the single digits behind. For a boy who would rather be at home (with friends) than any where else...we have a fun filled, but very packed day today (hope there is a little time left for homework...maybe Mr. A will give the little dude a pass). Art Institute, special lunch at school, The Pink Panther 2, dinner delivered in (of course) and the best time...I mean presents. Actually the medium Wild One loves gifts as much as the rest of us, but family time might top his list of things to do. He often includes items on his birthday list that he can share with the family...such as the Oakland Raiders Nerf football that he wants cuz the Big Guy loves to play catch (and coach the little dudes team) and had a friend that played for Oakland...a loooong time ago! Time to lick the frosting off my fingers, heft the gifts up from the basement and (load myself up with drugs) psych myself up for a busload of 4th graders. Happy Happy day Boodle!

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