Monday, February 23, 2009

OMG, I'm rich.

I just read an article about the value of volunteering. In Minnesota, 2006 the hourly wage value of a volunteer hour was $19.46. Since it increases about 50 cents per hour, per year (remind me to negotiate a better raise next year), the value this year should be about $22.00 per hour. Not bad for doing the things you like and that you know make a difference. I wonder if I have kept track of all my volunteer hours since 1992...when I started volunteering with regularity. I know that I spend at least 5 hours a week now (sometimes it feels like a full time job) if I saved that money...that would be a lot of trips to Caribou and maybe even a trip to Disney each year. Now I just need to figure out where I pick up the check.

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