Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I Guess it's about Time.

I have a lot of old stories up my sleeve, but I have to be careful who is in the stories and what they will do to me if I "tell all" here where anyone from Norway to Zimbabwe can read it (not that it really matters when these people will never set eyes on any one of you...you know the ones in my stories). My wee Wild One wanted me to blog about our "nother Christmas" that we finally had this weekend with my side of the family. Not much to tell...a little seafood chowder, dilly bread and a few gifts...oh yeah and the games. We sat around the dining room table trying to play a new game...and people just weren't getting the rules...especially the Big Guy's mom (yes it was my family, but we invite her to keep her busy...and as a little extra entertainment for us). In the game each person had to describe something of theirs without letting the "guesser" know what it was (there is a central category as in "car" and each person gives clues..."mine is dirty"...and the guesser puts it all together and guesses "car"). Well my MIL (mother-in-law for those of you who have forgotten) was having a terrible time with the whole concept, but the funny part was that she couldn't figure out what people were saying...like "Mine is square" would come across to her as "minus square" and she would start going on about how the answer must be mathematical because "if you minus the square of something then it must be a big number otherwise it would be a negative number, but that could be something outside because it's so cold out there, but maybe it's a jacket because then you would stay warm..." Now this is where the old story comes in. At another family function we were all playing a game that started out with the person reading a card that had words like "minus" and you had to figure out that it was really supposed to be "mine is". So my baby cousin (the 34B Cup) was reading a card that said something like, "True man cup hold he." Ok if you listen to yourself read this out loud I am pretty sure you will hear Truman Capote...and to win that point you must know what you are saying. So 34B said, "Truman Capote" over and over and over and we were all screaming, "Yes!" but she couldn't hear what she was saying...she was still saying, "True man cup hold he." Come to find out she had no idea who Truman Capote was or that there even was such a person. She obviously didn't gain any points, but we gained a family joke that gets repeated over and over and over...even when she is no where in sight. So 34B, thanks for the laughs Saturday night...I think this one is stuck with you forever.


I'm Henry said...

I love it, even I've heard that one a million times already! And 34b, don't worry I didn't know who he was either until the movie came out.

Brooke a.k.a. 34B cup said...

Oh man... I just keep wondering if I don't bring it up maybe everyone will forget. Not a freakin' chance with family that has a memory like an elephant. But, truth be told, reading this was just the giggle I needed today!