Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Too much time on my hands.

Another month, another birthday. I am legoed out and nerfed out. In my never ending quest to be "Mother of the Year" I thought I would throw a few surprises into the mix of blasters and mini figures. I have a great catalog of "brainy toys for kids of all ages" (MindWare...located right here in Minnesota...go figure) so I started looking for things that would be of interest to a very intelligent...if I do say so myself...soon to be 10 year old. As I added several things to my cart, my adrenaline began pumping and I soon lost total was well into the multiple three figures. I looked back through my list and realized the things I was buying were really geared But hey if I get these things and sit down and do them with the 10 year old...a few points toward MOTY?? Maybe I should stick with the legos and nerf games if I want to see smiles on the birthday boy's face. But just so you know...I accidently clicked "confirm purchase" on the web I don't know about the Wild Ones, but I know what I will be doing for the next few months...or at least looking at every time I walk by the game room.

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