Thursday, February 26, 2009

Red Faced...Again.

Nope, I have no idea who this is. Yep, looking at him puts a little skip in my step. Where did I find this picture you might ask? He showed up in my email one day and I just couldn't make myself delete I kept a file open for him. Then one day I was wondering around the kitchen when I heard the Wild One's scream, "Woooo Mom...who's on your computer?" Evidently the Big Guy thought it would be funny to paste him onto my desk top. And of course I did think it was funny...and I kind of, accidently left him there (can you blame me).

Fast forward to my trip to the library today...thought I'd get some work done away from the distractions of laundry, cleaning, ringing phones and crazy a*# cats. I lugged all my bags (drinks, snacks, books, note pads, puzzle much for distractions) into the study area, unpacked everything and got ready to rock and roll. The problem was that the library router was bound and determined not to let me in. I tried everything I could think of (with my limited knowledge of the internal workings of my computer), I made phone calls and even interrupted fellow patrons. I finally went to the help desk to see if they had any ideas. They sent me an older gentleman (probably about 65, dressed the part complete with pocket protector). Among the things we tried was rebooting my computer. I was desperate at this point and was not thinking what that would include. So standing right in the middle of the library with my lap top wide open...up pops my sexy friend. I could feel the redness cropping up my neck and I am sure I was stammering as I tried to tell him that my husband had put that picture there as a joke. Well, he misunderstood and commented on how nice it must be to see my husband all day long. I set him straight (I should have left well enough alone) and quickly tried to open something to cover him up. We continued working on the problem to no avail (I guess I will have to find new free office space). As I was thanking him for his time and getting ready to shut down my man appeared again. Just before my library friend turned to walk away, he gave one last look at the computer screen and said, "I think I'm gonna miss that man." That is exactly what I needed...I guess my new friend (the sexy one) is here to stay.

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Brooke a.k.a. 34B cup said...

Well, I think he is cute minus all that hair and leather...