Wednesday, September 24, 2008

What would you do?

I got up Monday morning and looked at the calendar, checked my lunch dates...I mean "meetings", skimmed over the sports games and practices, appointments and evening galas I had scheduled. I felt my mind enlarging to wrap itself around another crazy week, but I dug in and psyched myself up. 

Then the Big Guy called.  Could we possibly meet some friends for dinner Tuesday night and what did the Wild Ones have going for sports? Honestly! I will give him the (lame) excuse that he is a guy, but at his age he should honestly be able to remember after 5 weeks what is going on on Tuesday nights (and the calendar is always laying open on the counter). I know it is just easier...for ask me and let me deal with the details...and he knows that I never say no (I'm like a little kid who can't go to bed at night for fear of missing something really good).

So scrap the Monday plans (the house will still need cleaning when I wake up the next day) and get on the phone and make arrangements for all of the Wild Ones and their needs for Tuesday evening. Then there is the shopping...must have new outfit for dinner with the Big Guy's friends (my idea, but he agreed). Throw in a little prayer for rain (cancelled practices make for much easier shift for sitter) and a few errands on Tuesday to get gift and pizzas for Tuesday night and we are ready to go. But now it is Wednesday and I still haven't made up for Monday and Tuesday and I am tired from last night. Oh well, I will just start again next Monday.

The occasion for last night was a 5 course dinner with beer tasting from Big Sky Brewery held at Longfellows Grill which is owned by a friend or ours. A fabulous place for meals or just a snack and beverage after work. It is on Lake Street and looks out over the river at St. Paul. The food was great and the beer was wonderful (and that coming from a vodka drinker), the company even better...except for the heckler at the end of the table...yeah he was with us and I love him and actually found him quite funny, but it was even funnier when his wife started throwing ice at him to get him to bring it down a notch...which really had no effect. 

If you don't make it to that neck of the woods, check out one of their other four restaurants and let me know what you think...I promise to keep the heckler with me.
3 Squares Restaurant     Maple Grove
Groveland Tap     St. Paul
Edina Grill     Edina
Highland Grill     St. Paul


I'm Henry said...

I'm a regular at 3 Square here in the Grove, in fact going there for dinner on Friday night! Can't wait, love it, love it, love it. I can't tell you what to do with the big guy, mine is the same, and I, like you, never say no cuz I just can't miss a thing!

Brooke a.k.a. 34B cup said...

We LOVE 3 Square and go there all the time. They have half priced martini happy hours until 5pm and then again at 9. Yup, we stayed for both...