Monday, September 15, 2008

Gotta get out more often.

So I am the designated driver (and spectator in the pouring rain) at the oldest Wild One's soccer game yesterday. Since it is a traveling team, we do have to actually travel to a few of the games. I don't know how they decide who plays whom, but we ended up in Minneapolis (and I must say it sure felt like we weren't in Kansas any more). The girls had a great game, played a respectful team and even won 3-0. However, the "background" music had a few of our parents sitting on the edge of their seats. We kind of got used to the screeching of the sirens, but when the police cars started flying by at dangerous speeds things got a little weird...I think we were all expecting to see some bloodshed. I kept looking at the other team's parents to see if all the fly-bys seemed normal-they were all laughing and cheering, so I figured we probably didn't need to take cover unless they did. I had to leave after the game started cuz we had one hard-assed ref who wouldn't let the girls tape their earrings. I was going to run to a convenience store to grab some alcohol (the rubbing kind...I know what you were thinking, believe me it crossed my mind too) to help sterilize the earrings before we tried to get them back in. I went around the block and found what looked like an old fashioned corner store...with out  a sign out front. I thought "How bad could it be?" I pulled up in front and tried to get a look at what they had to offer from the comfort (and safety) of my car. It looked promising and I almost got out...until I looked back inside and saw a man call to another and point at me. Obviously I could not hear what they were saying so I HAD to assume that had special plans for me. I pretended like I spontaneously (I think I might have even tried whistling) didn't need what I had gone there for and backed quickly out of my spot (almost hitting a red jeep-sorry-in the process). I thought it best to head back to the strip (the big in numbers) and find a Walgreens. I didn't mind being out of the rain for a few extra minutes either. I got back in time to hear one of the parents comment, "Do you think we're going to get to see a high speed chase?" The game ended safely and happily and we ran for shelter...from the rain...and tried to reinsert the ejected earrings. Let's just say that did not work very well...the piercings (all four of them) had just been done four days earlier and all I ended up doing was piercing my own finger...and that is when we all got to see a little blood.

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