Monday, September 8, 2008

Are we spoiled or what??

I am actually working this week (assuming you don't think three kids with all their activities, a house, yard and husband-and his mother-are work) at a "real" job.  And get this...NO internet. OK pick yourself up off the floor, get a cold rag if you need it and sit back down. I really didn't know how addicted I am (and it's only been one day), but man I feel like I was on a deserted island (even Nim had an internet connection) or living back in the 1980's-which would be appropriate since I am working out of my childhood home! So the point of this rambling is that with adding an 11 hour, non-internet accessible shift to my regular work day I may be sparse in my entries this week. I promise some good stuff next week (like the coyote that almost ate four small children...although if it came down to it I may have had to throw one of them in the ring to save me...I mean the others). Check back, you never know-I may be up at 5 am with nothing to do before I leave for work...yeah right...and if I was, the Big Guy has dibs on me if I peel my eyes open any earlier.

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