Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My Dream job.

Have you thought about the Tooth Fairy lately? The Wild Ones have each lost a tooth in the last two weeks so the TF has our address burned in her memory. I think she got lost one time cuz I woke up at 4:30 to check and she hadn't been here yet...fortunately she made it before anyone else woke up. The oldest Wild One is convinced that she is not real. She had the illusion that the Big Guy or I were putting money under her pillow (although that didn't seem to bother her when she gathered her loot). Now think about it, why would I give them extra money when I spend all day buying them what ever they need...and want. The middle Wild One just wants to be the Hero that figures it out. He comes up with elaborate schemes to fool the TF and has even tried to hook up a video camera. Too bad for him that she is magic and knows that does kind of sound like a parent. And the littlest Wild One, he doesn't really care if she's real or not...he just wants the cold hard cash...come on he's got Legos to buy. Now that brings me back to the real Tooth Fairy. I Want That Job. Think about it...flying around all night in a little white tutu? Think of all the things you could snoop through...I mean see. Living in a tooth castle (remember they are baby teeth, not gnarly old rotten things) that you were continually adding on to-and in my fantasy it is always clean and filled with flowers and fresh someone else. And she is obviously very wealthy if she can hand out all those quarters and dollar bills every night. Do you think there is a Mr. TF? I wonder what he wears?


Amy Arnaz said...

Dear Disgruntled Princessa.....You are very, very funny. Wonder if your friends have ever told you that? I know what Mr. TF wears: white ballet tights, white ballet slippers and a sky blue, velvet blouse with puffy sleeves and a V-neck. Ha! Just to say "thanks!" for making me laugh. Your stories about the Wild Ones are fabulous. Wish I had coined that term for my brood. All the best! Amy Arnaz

Disgruntled Princess said...

Thank you Miss have me doing pirouettes around the kitchen fantasizing about Mr. TF (and the BIg Guy rolling on the floor laughing)! I don't know if my friends find me as funny as you do, but they sure think it's quiet when I'm not around...DP or kk as I say to my friends.