Monday, November 10, 2008

Work Hard, Play Hard...Fight Hard?

But not necessarily in that order. We packed up the kids and headed north this weekend...and took the cold weather with us. No matter, we just bundled up and made the best of it...along with a dozen forest fires. Friday night we started with a couple of cocktails (and some dinner) and then a couple more cocktails (thank God the Wild Ones can take care of themselves...we don't see much of them when the cousins are around) and instead of playing games like we usually do, we started talking. Now I have been around these people for the last 40 years and why we felt the need to "talk" is beyond me. There was screaming, swearing and another round of drinks. We all pretty much wanted to send the others out to the woods to find a log for the fire and secretly hope that Sasasquatch was out there waiting for them. We wrapped it up around 3am with kids and grandparents asleep in various odd places.  We woke to beautifully falling snow, put on our work gloves and worked out our aggressions. We started a few more fires (the old fashioned way...boy scout juice). Flamingo and Mango even came out to play. When the sun went down we went inside for a glass of "argument juice," but instead of talking...we played games.


Brooke a.k.a. 34B cup said...

Oh yikes! I knew my ears were ringing for some reason!!!

I'm Henry said...

ok - what's with all the fires?