Thursday, November 13, 2008

Back to a Simpler Life.

I just want to declutter. Give away the toys sitting on the shelves, the books gathering dust and the cute clothes that I am sure I will wear soon...but don't. The clothes we've outgrown and the equipment (skis, skates, lifejackets) that no longer fit. They seem to good to not sell, but there is hope that someone who needs them will be able to have them (versus someone who buys them for a steal and then sells them to the highest bidder on ebay). 

I scoff at people who fly to New York and buy a new wardrobe for each season and throw out the old. But, in reality I do the same thing...on a much smaller discount stores and on odd trips each week throughout the season...only it doesn't seem like I have a new wardrobe when I buy one piece at a I never get rid of the old stuff. Maybe I need to start tagging along on those New York shopping sprees.

Every room and every surface in every room of my house is filled with stuff. As I go through each room and try to get rid of things this voice in my head tells me something about each thing. "Those are the bandanas you are going to wear to the state tournament tomorrow and I am sure the kids will want to wear them to school after that, or you can tie them around your head when you clean the house and remember the Spartan's win," "That is the cookie jar the wee Wild One got for his birthday...and he colored it himself," (note to self: buy...I mean...make cookies for the cookie jar) "MIL gave me these dishes and they remind her of her grandmother in San Fransisco...isn't that cool," (for her!) "You really need a coat (and shoes!) in every color and every never know what you will get invited to," (and I'll have the perfect outfit to go with them...if I can just find it in the piles of clothes stuffed in all my closets).

If anyone knows where the switch is to turn off that voice or has some extra duct tape let me know...I am still fighting for that simple life.

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Brooke a.k.a. 34B cup said...

You NEEEEED me! I am the best de-clutter-er around! I get rid of so much, the other day I thought I am gonna wear that cute red leather jacket I have... Opps sold it in the garage sale last summer. Bummer.