Monday, November 17, 2008

Everyone's a Winner.

I'm sure I'd be saying that even if Orono had won (not really, but maybe). This is the first time in Orono's history that our football team has gone this far. A perfect season...until "The Dome" in front of thousands of people. No matter...we are proud of the team and the coach who got them there. The Wild Ones got to skip school, the Big Guy played hooky from work and we made a day of it. We started at the school gathering posters and spreading cheer...we waited at Caribou for the fire and police escort through town...we lunched at Maxwell's (an Orono family owned watering hole)...cheered wildly and loudly with the other red and blue crazies...and then shut down the Rooster with some old and new friends. Way to go Spartans!!! We're looking forward to next year!


Brooke a.k.a. 34B cup said...

Fun with a capitol F and great pic!

Supermom said...

Hey! My cousin is a bartender/manager at the rooster - do you know her? Her name is Katie - drop-dead gorgeous - tall, auburn hair (obviously takes after me - not!). Her nick-name is "big-red" Tell her I said hi! :) Liza