Wednesday, November 12, 2008

It's About That Time of Year...Again.

OK it started before Halloween...the stores were scaling back on the creepy masks and sneaking out the artificial trees. I don't like to even think about those red and green decorations until after Thanksgiving (of course it would have been smart to put up the outside lights last week when it was still OK to be outside for more that three minutes with out icicles hanging off the end of you nose). So for those of you who deck the house the first day of November...what are you going to do after Thanksgiving? Of course then maybe you don't have to decorate for Thanksgiving, but you do have to look at the dancing Santa's (I assume if you are into decorating the day after Halloween that you DO have a dancing Santa...somewhere) and sparkly snowflakes while you eat your turkey. Do what you must, but if I receive your Christmas Card before the first of December (and PLEASE not before Thanksgiving!) I will have to toss it in a pile to be opened (and hopefully not lost) once the calendar strikes 12...unless I think there may be money in it and then...I will save it for the 25th.

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