Friday, August 29, 2008 the eye of the beholder.

Every week I throw cans, bottles and newspapers in the recycling bins and drop off "gently used" clothing and household items at Goodwill. I walk away feeling good that I am not contributing to the land fills, but never really stop to think what is happening to all this stuff. Yeah, I know that it all gets melded together to make new stuff, but I really started to think about the stuff that gets recycled by everyday people-not machines. The Grouchy Dog is 100% recycled material and misc "art." After seeing things on the internet, I wonder if we (my family) are officially rednecks? Or do we fall in the category of "creative" recycling? I love the idea and could really get carried away-or maybe not. But, there are some really cool things out there that you would never even know were recycled (and some you could guess were). I'd wear these and even these, heck I'd even try to make them-and hand them out as gifts. The Wild Ones would kill for one of these and all the "cool" girls have one of these. Some things are just sweeter the second time around. I will have to take a closer look at all the stuff I set aside for recycling...and perhaps you should take a closer look at any gifts you get from me.

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I love the 4 story trailer house....I mean PALACE!!!