Friday, August 22, 2008

Come a little closer.

In the midst of my crazy life (and schedule...I must learn to say no) I made time for a little rendezvous with the Big Guy to surprise a friend for a birthday dinner. I had everything down...up at 6, pack for three kids to include time at Gramma's, pool parties, sports and an overnight at Donies...oh yeah and shower stuff and an outfit for me (see I do think of myself soemtimes) for my hot dates. I ran kids around, met installers and hauled boxes. By 5 pm I was at my parent's house (all sweaty and gross) dropping off the kids with no time to run home for a shower (thus the earlier packing). I realized that I had forgotten my razor and my dress was way too short to skip removing the fuzz from my legs. My mother was all too eager to offer my my father's razor (which I assume is only used on his face) although I'm pretty sure she would have handed me her pink one if he'd actually been home. I really had no choice so off to the shower I skipped, dad's razor in hand. I did my 15 minute routine: shower, hair and make-up. All I had to do was get dressed. I put on my seamless bra and pulled on my form fitting dress. I stood taking in the view (in the full wall mirror) and congratulating myself on my ability to transform myself  in less time than most men. But then...I saw something down in the "private area." I thought maybe I had snagged my dress (OK,  I know that's a stretch considering it was new and the exact location of the Problem, but...I think they call it denial). I realized that I had forgotten my panties and a few "friends" were poking through the front of my dress. @*&%!  I was out of time and had no coverings. Desperate measures, girls, desperate measures. I hiked up my dress and picked up (my dad's) razor, looked at it for a minute and started shaving. I rinsed out the sink and snuck out of the house with out looking my mother in the eyes. The rest of the evening went smoothly (pun intended), but next time I have to pack I will be sure to slow down and triple check my list.     Stay tuned for review of that night's destination- the new "W."


Anonymous said...

Babe you looked smooth, with 2 oos, that evening and into the next morning!!

Brooke a.k.a. 34B cup said...

Welcome to the club! Can't wait to hear about the W!