Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Great Minnesota Get Together.

After countless hours with our butts on the couch cheering for the USA, the MN state fair couldn't have come at a better time. A little fresh (if you consider animal droppings fresh) air always does a body good. We have our routine down and always think we can fit more in...and they always end up sweeping our sorry butts out with the rest of the dirt. 

We see the timber show each year, I think they are beginning to recognize us--of course the Big Guy always cheers the loudest and manages to get in a few heckles for the opposing team. Soon our annual picture will have the Wild Ones hovering over the "team." The guys at 3rd Lair also look forward to the clans visit (perhaps because we come wearing last years shirts and our wallets hanging out looking for their newest version). We just can't get enough of their cool dudes and crazy tricks. Of course the animal barns always occupy a great amount of our time (doesn't seem to matter that we have horses across the street and all other farm animals with in walking distance...just not the same) as well as the trip to the big yellow slide. At $2.50 a scream, we can't spend the entire afternoon hiking up those stairs like we did when we were little and Great use to give my sister and I each a roll of quarters-looking back I think he was just trying to get rid of us for a while.

We can't miss the annual picture of the Big Guy with his baby girl...same spot for the last 12 years. And then of course there is the food. The Big Guy always walks in with his snout pointed at the first corn dog booth. I could get that at home...if the thought didn't gross me out. I am more into something new or different, but I always look around for so long that I just end up hungry and burying my face in the same old things year after year...but man it's sweet. This year the Wild Ones were intent on trying the chocolate covered bacon. I know, chocolate...bacon what's not to love? First it is cold (I guess I should have thought through the whole melting thing) and second, it's still bacon covered with chocolate. Won't be trying that again. Now if I happen to be cooking some bacon at home and accidently spill some milk chocolate on the HOT bacon I just may have to try a bite!  

If you happen to stay past dark (and don't tell me if you are one of those people that just goes for a couple of hours, cuz that just ain't right) you gotta check out this dancing robot-it is wild(and kinda sexy-you had to be there). It moves like a man (a smooooth man) and has the facial expression to flirt...if I'd have had room I might have snuck him in the trunk for a little late night rendesvoux. Can't wait for next year...perhaps I will rent a bigger car.

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