Monday, August 11, 2008

Me and my big mouth.

We were out yesterday enjoying a warm sunny day at the local "Corn Days" festival. After claiming enough candy to load three suburban houses for Halloween, we proceeded to the food and games area. We ate our fill of corn, talked to more "old friends" than we ought to even have and somewhat patiently waited in line for all the games. As we were leaving we decided to tackle the rock wall, that is the two tiny Wild Ones and me. The Big Guy was daring people to the top and I just happened to say "I'd do it" all cocky like. I didn't say "Yes, I want to do it right now. Please go buy me a ticket." Geez, you'd think after all these years he'd understand my language. What I really was saying was, "Hey that kind of looks like fun. If I was in the right mood I might consider trying that some day." Too late, he had already snuck off to buy tickets. I figured I'd just act like it was all cool and I'd go in with the Wild Ones, beat them to the top and then sit back and watch them struggle...I mean encourage them to the top. So they get all strapped in and the very handsome attendant with the sexy smile...I mean if you were looking and happened to notice...which I did...and he was...came over to strap me in. Now let me just tell you these things strap snugly around your waist and in between your legs. So he is crouched down in front of me ready to strap me in and I say, "So do you have a huge one?" obviously referring to the size of the harness. He looked up at me and smiled...the light bulb went off in my head, my eyes got big and I almost fainted...I could have handled it except for that damn sexy smile. One very rare (and red) moment of silence from me. He had no problem adjusting my straps and even gave me some tips on mounting the wall. I'm not sure if I was dizzy from my encounter or just afraid of heights, but I only made it half way up the wall (twice) and had to stand...shaking...on the sidelines as I watched not one, but both of the Wild One's scale their way to the top.