Thursday, August 14, 2008

A little glamour...a little glitz.

What could be better on a beautiful August night? It may not be Red Rocks, but where else can you see an outdoor concert with bears growling in the back ground (an the wind...I mean the Bug Guy blowing in my ear)? Old friends, new friends (like my date Cindy) and my favorite squeeze (I'll let that remain a secret) swaying in the fresh air to the crooning of Chris Isaak at the MN Zoo. Who knew? Evidently a lot of people-the place was sold out. I just happen to be lucky enough (and home) when my girlfriend called and offered me an extra ticket. Well, it took me all of about 3 seconds to say, "Whoo hoo, when do we leave?" This was just the "medicine" I needed to renew I know I can make it to September 2nd...when everyday at 8:20 (bus time) I'll be cranking the tunes and throwing my own dance party.