Friday, July 11, 2008

What kind of parent are you?

We arrive at the drenched soccer fields to find the sprinklers on watering the field. As we move to avoid the water, the sprinklers start their rotation which follows us as if attracted to our beauty (or dry skin). Sorry thought I was in some sappy novel. With the soccer game under way and a Mac Guyver like grandpa covering the sprinkler heads with construction material to minimize the spray on the spectators, we settle in to become crazed soccer parents who yell "encouragement" at our girlies as if we really know what we (or they) are doing. Should I have assumed the other Wild Ones were sitting quietly watching the game play...probably not. I turned my head to the whispering rustle of parents and friends at the other end of the field to see two fuzzy black figures who are attracting attention away from the game. I slowly got up (not wanting to draw attention to myself) and wandered toward the commotion, making a quick trip back for my camera after confirming that there was a blood relation to the black figures. The crowd was divided between "who would allow their children to do that?" to "those kids are really having fun", but there was a general consensus that no one would allow them to ride home in their car. Hmm...hadn't really thought of that. Then, being a little Mac Guyverish myself, I remembered (perhaps reminded by the BFF) the huge "swimming pool" like puddle in the parking lot (thanks to the storms and the bad sprinkler planning people). I took the kids to the "tub" and made them wash each others backs. Turned into two "treats" for the price of one-a mud slide and a pool-who said you need to spend money to have fun?? As for those people horrified that I would allow my children to do that (have fun) or too worried about their cars I want them to know that I went home with two clean kids (probably cleaner than when we got there after a long hot summer day) who think they are pretty lucky to be mine.

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Brooke a.k.a. 34B cup said...

You are lucky AND I am dying laughing at them! That looks so fabulously messy! I love that you let em just be boys!