Tuesday, July 29, 2008

We all need a little more.

It is something we all wish for at some time. We may wish it for the world, our families or from our children (or here in Minnesota-from the confines of road closures and construction). Have you ever thought about the origination of such things as the peace sign? It was created in 1958, by Gerald Holtom, in Britain for a nuclear disarmament protest. He thought of it as himself in great despair, standing with his palms out.  He used the symbols of the semaphoric emergency flag system for "N" and "D"...nuclear disarmament. He purposely did not copy write the symbol...how cool is that? If you are ever (yeah right) having a bad day, a moment of being overwhelmed or just feel like it stand tall, close your eyes (I swear this helps) and throw your hands out to the side-palms facing forward and take a deep breath (throw in a few thoughts of what you are thankful/grateful for) and feel the peace sinking into your bones. PEACE, it's a powerful thing. And you thought I only told funny stories.