Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Technological snafu or user error?

I don't really know how to start this story (since it kind of makes me look...umm...not so smart), so I'll just spit it out. My MIL (that's my mother-in-law...I was going to call her my HMR, but when you sound it out it's just not right) and I...with three boys in tow...made the maiden voyage to her new condo with a trunk load of basics: a couple of chairs-and two small oriental rugs to set them on, paper plates, toilet paper, you get the idea. We parked in the garage and attempted to carry everything upstairs in one load. We had things hanging around our necks and slung over our backs, but we just couldn't get the rugs. So I deposited the MIL, the boys and all the stuff in the condo and went back down for the rugs. Let me just tell you at this point that I was wearing white capris and 3" wedge sandals-and had been for the previous 10 hours. I went back down to the garage, picked up the rugs and slung one over each shoulder. After hiking to the elevator door I pulled out my electronic key (betcha thought I forgot it), but nothing happened. I shook the key, I pinched it (not really sure why, but nothing else was working) and even did a little jig in front of the receiver box...I thought maybe the movement would "catch" the electronic rays. Nope. Pretty much did the same thing at the other elevator door. Still nothing. Oh and my cell phone was conveniently stowed in my purse...up in the condo. As I stood there, feet tired and sweat beading on my brow I decided I would have to exit the main car garage the other end of the building. I was actually quite encouraged when the door opened right away, then I realized I would have to walk up hill (in six feet of snow) back to the other side of the building. I managed to open the first door at the entrance as my eyes caught a couple of gray heads peeping at me over porch railings and thought I was home free. Wrong (again). The electronic key that didn't work downstairs had not magically recharged itself and did not work at the front door either. I should mention that the MIL's phone will not be hooked up until later in August and therefore I could not call her from the lobby-although I thought of screaming very loudly. I left the rugs in the lobby entrance and went back outside. I thought of asking one of the gray heads to "ring me in," but by then they were inside hiding (and perhaps tying up the phone lines calling 911). I hiked over toward the bedroom window of the MIL's new condo and pried my way between the bushes (I could almost hear the police sirens). I was thrilled to see three boys beating each other with nerf guns. I started shouting and jumping on the hill in front of the window until one of the boys looked at me...and then looked away. Just when I was about to give up, one of the Wild Ones realized I was out there. He looked at me, raised his eye brows and lifted his hands as if saying "What in the world are you doing out there Crazy Woman?" I tried telling him in my own made up sign language and exaggerated lip talking "Let me in!" He just stood there mouthing "What?"  My options were to sit down and cry or keep trying. I finally mouthed him through unlocking and opening the window and calmly told him to meet me at the front door. He was there before I fought my way back through the jungle and even carried a rug in for me. The rest of the night went more smoothly except for the few seconds after I stepped into the dark exercise room and ran into a new friend.


BHB said...

Not cool to direct link to our photo.

Brooke a.k.a. 34B cup said...

Hilarious! I was laughing out loud at you making faces at the wild ones. Too funny! MIL owes you BIG time!