Friday, July 25, 2008

Not your birthday...who cares!

Who knew Halloween was such a romantic night? In my family we celebrate two very special birthdays in July (actually quite a few, but two important ones back to back) my mother and my irish twin. I was searching for a photo of the two of them or the three of us and have determined I don't have one as one of us is always behind the camera. I found this picture which includes the man who brought us all together (please don't make me go there). It reminds me of a birthday surprise from years ago (think my high school years and don't hurt yourself trying to think back that far). My dad wanted to surprise the birthday girls with a hot air balloon trip (a life time fantasy of...mine!)  and he found out that it was one price for up to three people (you see where I'm going with this don't you). Well I didn't know any of this ahead of time, he decided to tell all of us at "the birthday" dinner. I tried-really I did-to be happy and excited for all of them. BUT, when we got there my dad let me, yes me, go with them. I'm not sure if he had it planned all along (actually I'm pretty sure he did, that is totally how he works) or if he chickened out when he got there-or perhaps I wasn't old enough to drive and he couldn't leave me with the car. And you wonder where I got the "princess" from. It was spectacular and thrilling and a little scary when we came crashing down in a farmers field. So every year about this time I feel a little anticipation thinking just maybe...

Big old birthday wishes and hugs for the two women in this world that have know me longer than anyone else, and still cherish me...I think. More later on the times my sister has saved my life (don't worry, they are funny stories) and the time the oldest Andy girl saved both of us from killing each other-you both know what I'm talking about!!

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Brooke a.k.a. 34B cup said...

We gotta get a good shot of the three of you! Good post!