Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Nancy Drew

So back to the missing silver bowl. I decided that I could not live another minute without finding that dang bowl. Given that I had searched inside the house several times, for several hours and questioned the Wild Ones until the littlest one almost cried AND that we did have a big storm the night the bowl went missing-I decided to look outside again. I put on my hiking shoes (actually my pink striped rain boots-screw dignity, I didn't want to feel anything slimy slithering across my tootsies in the back 40) and took off determined to look under every bush, behind every tree and between the blades of every tall grass on this property. I knew this might take a while so I grabbed a handful of nuts and a "Grouchy Dog" to go (I am sure it was after 5 o'clock somewhere). I started in the front, searched the bone yard (think old boats and left over construction material that the Big Guy cannot live without), played...I mean...looked in the Willows, braved the wrath of the furry thing living under the shed and wound my way to the back yard. I spent quite a while in the club house (I forgot how much fun it is in there), detoured to the Grouchy Dog...needed a refill...and started searching in the long grass. Now I don't know the last time you took an adventure like this, but the further I got from the house, the more freaked out I got. My Grandmother would say I have quite the imagination-rolling her eyes so hard that you could probably hear them all the way from Florida. Regardless, I was by myself or so I thought when I started. I began thinking of all the creatures that live in that tall grass and my search became a little quicker and a little less thorough-I even skipped the path around the pond. I was pretty sure I wouldn't be alone back there. I eventually lead myself back to the patio and into the house-I need another refill and a trip to the lavatory. I forgot to remove my boots which must have given me a little extra height because as I walked into the living room I caught a glimpse of something shiny atop the armoire. I climbed up on a chair and reached behind my pictures (I should have been afraid of what 6 legged creatures had been calling that space "home") and felt the rounded edge of a thin bowl. I pulled it down-old maids and all-and jumped up and down with delight until I remembered why I had walked through the living room in the first place (empty bladder!). When I approached the Wild Ones with the bowl and revealed the "secret" hiding place I could see the light bulbs going on in their heads as their eyes grew bigger by the second. They had wanted to watch a movie when one of them put the bowl down to open the dvd player. Yeah, I know what you're thinking, I wouldn't have picked that resting spot either. It's been a month, but the case has finally been solved...feel free to stop over for popcorn any time-I can now make you two big bowls and around here that means two different flavors!

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Brooke a.k.a. 34B cup said...

Ahhhhhhh-haaaaaaa! You weren't loosing your mind afterall!