Friday, July 18, 2008

Long Distance Shout Out

I guess I will have to shout pretty loud cuz there are a lot of candles on that cake this year!! I am so gonna pay for all my smart mouth remarks about people older than me--I do it to people 11 years older, 10 1/2 months older and especially people 60 days older. Is it ok if I do it all in's funny to me!?

A special birthday wish to my special auntie from whom I got the K in Princess K, who got me drunk for the first time-I refuse to tell you how old I was-is there a statute of limitations for something like that?...and cleaned up after me, who always takes my side (except for when when Mavis is involved...and who can blame her when Mavis is busy blaming her for the things that I did), walked down the isle in my wedding after I walked down the isle in hers, who goes out of her way to take care of others (you need to remember it's ok to say yes to yourself too) and does it all with a beautiful smile on her face. Cheers to you Auntie Lizard. Just in case you wanted to know (and even if you didn't) you are now officially 18, 993 days (thats 2,713 weeks) young. And on this day in history Crayola introduced the scented crayon. I envision the white one invented for you-coconut...a little taste of the tropics, perhaps they knew your destiny before you did. Of course they have had to change the scents from food flavors so that children would not want to eat them. Your coconut has now become baby powder, pink bubble gum is now shampoo and chocolate brown is now leather. Tell me what kid will be thrilled by these scents? Perhaps it is us old timers who will now be sniffing the the colorful little sticks.

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Brooke a.k.a. 34B cup said...

Best birthday wishes Liz!!!