Thursday, June 12, 2008

What does your car say?

A friend of mine once traded in his car (for his wife's SUV) because he "got no respect" driving it. Does the car you drive really say something about your personality? What about the people who walk or take the bus? Are people who drive hummers more powerful (or do they just think they are)? What about mini-vans? Cool for a middle age mom, but not for a teenager? I remember riding in a car I knew nothing about with an older guy (my uncle's wife's father-I think??) when I was about 10-and no don't take that road, I was also with my sister and my cousin (although for the life of me I have NO idea why we would have been with him-maybe it wasn't even who I thought it was-oh well let's go with it for this story). Anyway we were embarrassed to by riding with this "old" guy (he was probably 41-see yesterday's post) in this "strange" car so we hid on the floor (pre-seat belt laws I guess). Well it turns out it was a Rolls Royce. 

You can definitely tell something about a person's personality by the car they drive (and the clothes they wear). Unfortunately not all of us can afford the car (or the driver) that fits our personality and not every one can change their personality to fit the car they drive. So, what's on your wish list? I will analyze later!

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Brooke a.k.a. 34B cup said...

My theory... A guy who drives a BIG hummer is trying to make up for his LITTLE um , well, hummer, I guess you could call it.