Monday, June 9, 2008

Tick addendum.

I may have crossed the line today (and will definitely be crossing it again here)-but I feel the need to share. I have to go back to yesterday when the middle Wild One went crazy at a party (like mother like son...I'm so proud). He was playing in the woods and basically swimming in the mud. Skip ahead several hours...when he should have been asleep. He came walking into the living room (where I was reclined on the couch recovering from 3 days of really different, really fun parties) with his jammie pants pulled down below his "junk". Now while we are kind of the Naked Family this did seem a bit strange to me. He started giggling and showed us a tick attached to his very sensitive round parts. It was all quite comical because the little bugger wouldn't come off and the Wild One was afraid we were going to try to burn it off (I admit we have tried to put a recently lit match to embedded ticks before, but I don't think the Big Guy could've stomached watching that in this situation). The Big Guy and I both had our heads in quite close (perhaps I should have gotten out the magnifying glass and backed up a little) which could have seriously landed our kids a place in MN foster care. The little bugger (referring to the tick here) was finally detached and the other little bugger was sent off to bed. Fast forward to the beach today...the aforementioned Wild One overheard me laughing with a friend and realized he and his little friend (or both of them) were the subject of our hilarity. Let's just say he was not amused that I had shared this story (please don't mention this blog to him). In an attempt to appease him I told him that if I ever had a tick on my "boobie" I'd be sure to show him and that he could share the story with all of his friends. Well I was successful at making him laugh, but I think the woman hiding under the umbrella next to us may have been dialing protective services. I decided it was getting late so we high tailed it before anyone could i.d. me.


Brooke a.k.a. 34B cup said...

I am laughing out loud! HILARIOUS!!!

Henry said...

Great story, per usual. I hear its your b-day today...Have a great one!