Friday, June 27, 2008

Bird brain?

I stopped in a bird store (OK crazy enough I know) the other day looking for a special bird feeder (it looks like a flip flop and it is a gift--really). I searched the store and realized it was very traditional and probably wouldn't have anything remotely odd, but that didn't stop me from marching to the front of the store to question the clerk. On my way, this old lady barges past me to get there first-she was there when I walked in and had obviously been in the middle of being helped, no way was she going to let me ask a question before she was finished. I was in a good mood, so I stepped to the side and waited for her to do her business. In the middle of paying for her "traditional" humming bird feeder (thanks to my crazy, bird loving family I actually knew what kind of feeder she was buying) she tells the clerk and what I assume is the owner (a tall geeky man in the corner fiddling with some new "toy") that if this bird feeder does not work she will be back with her shot gun--yes I assumed she was kidding or that I heard her wrong did the clerk and owner. The clerk nervously giggled and asked "Shot gun?" I thought maybe she was going to shoot the bird, but then realized she probably wasn't going through the trouble of feeding it unless she actually liked birds and again due to my crazy family and what seems like hours of discussions, I know these people take attracting birds very seriously. The woman said "Yes, if this doesn't work I will come back with my shot gun to shoot you". Now she said it in a nice way and everything, but I gotta tell you IT FREAKED ME OUT! People really do that kind of sh#*, even little old ladies. Let's just say I didn't wait around to see if the clerk pushed the "panic button". That confirmed it for me...bird people are CRAZY and as for my gift I think I will order something on line and have it sent through the mail. 

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Brooke a.k.a. 34B cup said...

Perhaps a little loose at the lips or just a loose canon. WTF people-THINK BEFORE YOU OPEN YOUR TRAP!