Thursday, June 26, 2008

Napkin anyone?

No I am not asking if you need one, I am asking if you have one to collection. I pick today to tell you this story as the whole "collection" was started by my older, yes count them 3 years, cousin--the one on the far left that looks like we are holding hostage. I think she is just camera shy-God knows why, those Andy girls seem to have it goin' on! Back to the story...when we were young (I am going to say pre-teen cuz other wise my friend said the story is just creepy) we started collecting napkins-yes the paper ones. Any color, any design, any monogram (even a few hand signed ones. By whom? We have no idea-just go with me here it was really cool at the time). Remember the wedding napkins (and the Big Guy better not be laughing here, cuz I still have proof of his match book collection-that is the ones that I haven't used up starting fires at the Grouchy Dog)? We even went door to door asking for napkins-we could only take them if they had three and if we weren't together we always got extra for the others. I remember being in an apartment building and knocking on each door-being the youngest I am sure they made me do all the asking. If we were smart we would have taken the youngest cousin (second from right) that really would have increased the cute factor-although she may not have even been around at that time (doesn't that make you feel old??) I'll give you that it was the 70's, but as I think back I wonder-as I am sure you are also doing-where the parents were? Given the way we all turned out I am guessing that they were all together, cocktail in one hand sitting around Ruth and Vern's kitchen table playing games or gathered around the fire pit in Tom and Linda's back yard (actually I am pretty sure about the cocktail part)! We would sit for hours and sort our napkins and beg (or steal if the answer was no) our family for three napkins from every pack they bought. I think we used to open packages of really cool napkins and very carefully remove three and then put the pack back and hope that no one figured it out. I wonder if they ever noticed the meticulously re-taped packages or were short a napkin or two at a special dinner party? The thrill made the "find" more special (and hilarious). That was only the beginning of the Andy Girl's shenanigans, each more fun than the last (think "Moonfest") and many more to come. As for those collections...I have visions of Ron and Vern, whisky in one hand, matches in the other!!

Happiest Day to you (older) girlfriend! Have a laugh (and a cocktail) for me--here's to our next shenanigans!!! I love you!!

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Brooke a.k.a. 34B cup said...

I love it. Fun post. Now I know what to look for the next time you are out of t.p.