Friday, October 17, 2008

The Great Fall...I mean...Carrot Harvest.

I have to take you back to May, say about Mother's Day. Someone has a great idea to have the Wild Ones plant a vegetable garden for "the mother". Well, I cannot just leave it at the veggies, so I design this whole garden/fence/sculpture thing. Yep, it was really cool and I couldn't wait to get started. Unfortunately the great ideas AND the lack of follow through runs in the family. We got as far as the planning and the planting and then the Wild Ones "forgot" all about the tiny growing things. I was left to water, weed and tend to these small green things...and I think we've been through that before. Finally we began to have miniature pumpkins, cantaloupes, watermelons and little white roots that we were sure would turn into bright orange carrots. Well, then sports started again and school was in full bloom and well I kind of forgot about all the winter sustenance out in the front yard. It's not like the pumpkins were big enough to see as I drove down the driveway...then, I may have paid attention. But today as I was walking the garbage to the street I thought about what may have survived the deer, bunny and pheasant infestation. The mini melons never made it past puberty and Linus would have cried at the sight of our lone pumpkin...that wouldn't have tipped the scale against one crab apple. But the sight of the carrot tops gave me hope that the orange veggies under the soil had not yet realized that they were being cared for by an incompetent (but big hearted) gardener. I always knew that I didn't have a green thumb, but I never thought about checking to see if it was orange.

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